4. How to Price & Tag Your Items

Give a DETAILED description of your items!!

  • Tags will fall off your items. We hate when this happens, but it does. The more detailed the description of your item or clothing, the better chance that we can pair-up your tag that fell on the floor with your item. At least 10 times during the sales event somebody wants to buy something that lost it's tag and we can't sell it because it is missing it's tag, therefore we don't know the price or the seller.  However, if you take some time and put a good description on your tags we will be able to pair your tag and item back together! (example: Bad description - Boys / Shirt / 4t / $4.00 -- Good description - Boys / Gap Kids Blue Striped collared Shirt / 4t / $4.00)

We only have a few basic rules when it comes to pricing your items:

  • Clothing – Clothing items must be priced at a minimum of $2.00.  If necessary, combine clothes on one hanger to total $2.00.  For example, you can combine a top & bottom or a grouping of 2 onesies in order to come up with price of at least $2.00.
  • Non-Clothing – Non-clothing items must be priced at a minimum of $1.00.
  • Pricing Increments – You must price your items in $0.50 increments. This will ensure a speedy checkout for the buyers at the sale.


Pricing Guidelines:

Other than the above rules, the prices of your items are up to you.  Here are a few general guidelines on pricing:

  • Remember to price your items to sell!!!!  Items should generally be priced at 30% - 75% of the original retail price.  Please note that we will have many people selling clothing items in sizes Preemie - 24 months…so price competitively.
  • In general, the lower you price your items, the more likely they will sell.

Take into account the brand, age, and condition of the item you are selling.

  • Used books tend to sell for $1 - $2…not much more.
  • When you are pricing, ask yourself: “How much would I be willing to pay for this?”
  • Think about possibly grouping similar items together.  For example, towels, socks, bibs, receiving blankets, etc.  Place all such items together in a Ziploc bag.
  • Larger items, such as outside toys, strollers, high chairs, exersaucers, etc., are typically in higher demand and will bring in a better price…but still remember to price competitively to ensure a sale.
  • Furniture and baby equipment are usually priced at 30-50% of the original retail price.
  • If you are trying to get rid of things, when pricing your items in your Seller Account, we recommend that you elect to allow your items to sell for half-price on Sunday (if still unsold).  You can also specify in your Seller Account if you want your unsold items to be donated to charity.
  • If your items are not tagged properly at Drop-Off, we will not accept your items for sale. 

Tagging Your Items:

We suggest that you need the following items before you start the process of tagging:

- Card Stock Paper (65 lb.) - Hangers (for clothing)
  (regular printer/copy paper will rip!) - Rubber Bands
- Ink Jet Printer - Clear Packing Tape
- Safety Pins (large & small) - Permanent Marker
- Ziploc Bags - Large Clear Plastic Garbage Bags
- Zip Ties (for larger items)             (for bedding sets)Description: WCD:Users:kristinstuckart:Desktop:Consign Photos:Finished photos:dress.jpg

Clothing: (No more than 200 items)

1. Clothes need to be securely hung on an appropriately sized hanger.  All hangers need to be facing the same direction—to the left.  The hanger should form a question mark (“?”) (see picture below).   All tags must be placed in the front upper right area of the clothing.  The tag should be attached securely with small safety pins.  If you have a tagging gun, you can attach your tag under the right arm.  This way it is easier for buyers to find the price of your items.

Description: ::Consign Photos:Finished photos:marked_out.jpg


2. If you are using a hanger with a sizing marker on it, you must black out the sizing marker with a black permanent marker.


Description: ::Consign Photos:Finished photos:pants.jpg

3. Pants: For pants to be hung properly, please do not fold them. They can be hung without being folded from a pants hanger.  If you do not have any pants hangers, you can hang your pants using large safety pins (see picture below).  You can also hang two-piece garments/outfits with the bottom garment attached with safety pins.  Two-piece outfits do sell better!



Description: ::Consign Photos:Finished photos:rubber_band.jpg4. Grouping Items:  Organize your clothes by Size & Gender.  We ask that you group same-sized clothing items with a large rubber band around the necks of the hangers.  This ensures that you don’t have to sort through your clothing items at the Drop-Off and allows our Volunteers to easily place your items for you on the applicable rack at the Sale.  It saves time for all! If you did not do this before drop-off, you will be asked to do so before we can except your items!!! For example, group all of your 9-month girl clothing together with a large rubber band around the necks of the hangers (see picture below).


5. Shoes:
Shoes need to be placed in a Ziploc bag or they need to be safety pinned together at the laces so that the pair will stay together.  The price tag can be taped to the bag or attached with a safety pin.


Description: ::Consign Photos:Finished photos:rattle.jpg6. Smaller Items:
For all smaller items or items with small parts, we suggest placing your item(s) in a clear plastic bag (a Ziploc bag) and then taping the top of the bag closed with clear packing tape.  This way only the buyer will have access to your item after the Sale.  Tape the price tag to the outside of your bag to ensure that the check out scanner will be able to read the barcode.


7. Larger Items:
For larger items such as walkers, strollers, riding toys, rocking horses, outside play equipment, high chairs, walkers, swings, exersaucers, etc., please attach price tags directly to the items with clear packing tape that can easily be removed without damaging the items.

If you would like, you can also attach your price tag with a zip tie.  You can do this by taking a larger piece of card stock (larger than your price tag) and punching a hole with a hole puncher in the upper corner to loop the zip tie through.  Next, tape your price tag to the center of your card stock with packing tape.  Lastly, attach and close the zip tie securely to your item.


8. Books, DVD’s, Games, Puzzles, and Toys:
For most of these items, the price tag can be taped directly to the outside cover with packing tape.  However, do not try to sell any items that are missing any pieces or parts.  All items will be inspected.  Place any extra pieces in a closed and securely taped Ziploc bag if necessary.


9. Bedding and Linens:

  • For large blankets, we suggest securely hanging them on a large hanger and safety pinning the price tag to the upper right corner with the hanger open to the left.  For bedding or bedding sets, we ask that they be in a clear plastic bag.  You can use old zipper comforter bags, space bags, or large clear bags you can get at a hardware store.  For small blankets, clear plastic bags work best as well.  Grouping smaller blankets together will probably help with your sale.
  • We want to keep our bedding as clean as possible.  In addition, we want the customers to see the products.  Please wash all bedding and linen items before placing them in your bag.  Please securely tape or staple your bags shut and attach the price tag to the outside of the bag.



  • Organize clothes by Size & Gender and rubber band same-sized clothing items together.
  • Make sure all price tags are securely attached.
  • Tape all bags shut.
  • Please do not put packing tape over the barcodes.  This makes scanning more difficult.
  • For items that include multiple bags, write the Seller Number & Item Number on each bag that does not have the price tag in case of separation.
  • Include working batteries for items/toys requiring batteries.
  • ** If any of your items are not prepared correctly at Drop-Off, please be prepared to spend a few extra minutes at Drop-Off to make your items meet all of the above standards.