3. Prep Your Items

We carefully screen all Sale items to ensure they are clean, in good condition, and in working order.  If you are in doubt on the quality of one of your items, just ask yourself, “Would I give this to my child in this condition?”  Additional item preparation information can be found in the Pricing & Tagging section.

  • Remember…Be Picky: Only sell items you would see yourself buying second hand.  Everything should be in “good” condition, with all its’ pieces and parts. If an item requires batteries, please make sure there are batteries included. *PLEASE READ**Clothing*** - We are only excepting 200 clothing items per consignor!!!!
  • Clean Your Items: The more time you spend washing, stain removing, and disinfecting, the more likely your item will sell.  You want items to look as close to new condition as possible.
  • Books: Books must appear in good condition without any large page tears or writing.  Clean book covers to remove any dirt or grime.  Only place multiple books that are part of a series in a Ziploc bag.  If you are selling books individually, please do not put the books in a bag.
  • Clothing: Make sure that all clothing has no stains, is not faded, has all its’ buttons, and has no strange smells.  Make sure that all clothing has been recently washed and pressed as needed.  Wrinkled clothes will not sell! Remember, no more than 200 clothing items per consignor and Only 50 Teen clothing items!!!!
    • Button all buttons, zip all zippers, and tie all bows.
    • Nicely hang the clothes.  Use safety pins to securely hold clothes on the hanger.  For two-piece sets, safety pin the pants to the upper back part of the shoulders.  If your item is too large for your hanger, try to use a hanger that fits, or safety pin item to the hanger.
  • Linens: Hang your linens on wire hangers and make sure set pieces are pinned together.  Larger crib sets that cannot be easily hung should be packaged in a sealable clear plastic bag, a clear linen bag, or a clear space bag.
  • Battery-Operated Toys: Batteries must be inserted in toys that require batteries so that screeners and shoppers can test to see if the toys are in good working condition.  People generally don't buy things that they cannot try out first.
  • Toys With Loose Parts: Toys with multiple pieces need to be packaged and sealed together in Ziploc type bags.  Place the tag on the front outside and then tape the top of the bag shut.
  • Shoe Preparation: All shoes must be cleaned on the top AND bottom and then zip-tied together to ensure they don't get separated during the Sale.  Shoes with dirt or visual signs of wear on them will not be accepted—they just don't sell.  Only bring your best-looking pairs of shoes.
  • Baby/Kid’s Furniture: Items should be clean and assembled.  All instructions and manuals should be included if possible.  Furniture should not be older than 10 years.
  • Do Not Put Packing Tape Over the Barcodes.  This makes scanning more difficult.

Unacceptable Items:

  • Stuffed Animals Without Moving Parts (unless it is “NEW” with tags and is a licensed character such as Mickey, Dora, Pooh, Elmo, etc.)
  • Used Underwear
  • Adult Clothing (unless it is maternity clothing)
  • Drop Down Side Cribs

Check for Recalls: http://wemakeitsafer.com/Cribs-Toddler-Beds-Recalls?gclid=CPblx8C9m64CFU_HKgodTFowzw

  • Car Seats Older Than 5 Years

Check for Recalls: http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems/recalls/childseat.cfm

  • Inflatable Pool Toys
  • Please also check with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission before selling for any questionable products and recalls regarding Toys, Equipment, Cribs, and Car Seats:  http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prerel.html