1. Consignor / Seller Info

Selling is Easy!

Now is your chance to unclutter and organize your house and to make money doing it!  First collect all of your new and gently-used clothes and items that your kids don’t need or use anymore.  Do not forget to include any maternity items as well!  After you register as a Seller, you will be allocated your own Seller Number and Seller Account.  You can then log into your Account where you can enter and price each item you would like to sell at your leisure.  Our software system will generate price tags from the information you enter.  Then all you need to do is print and attach each tag to your items.  The only thing left to do is to drop off your items during the scheduled Drop-Off time, and we will do the rest!

Seller Features:

  • Earn up to 75% of your total sales.
  • Track your sales each evening of the sale.
  • There is no limit to the amount of good-conditioned items you can sell.
  • Help local families by donating your unsold items and you will receive the applicable tax deduction benefit.
  • Shop early at the Pre-Sale.
  • We will send your check within 14 days after the sale. 

Here’s How It Works:

Receive 65-75% of What You Sell!
When you sell, you will receive a minimum of 65% of your total sales.  A Non-Refundable $10.00 Seller/Registration Fee which needs to be paid up front via PayPal to cover advertising, rental fees, etc.  The Fee is NOT Refundable even if you decide not to consign. As a Seller, you will also receive two (2) passes to shop early at our Pre-Sale!  If you want to earn more than 65%, here’s how:

Volunteer Benefits:

If you volunteer, you can earn a higher percentage of your sales.  Each volunteer shift is 4 hours.  For each volunteer shift you complete, you will earn 5% more of your total sales.  Therefore, if you work one (1) volunteer shift, you will earn 70% of your total sales, and if you work two (2) or more volunteer shifts, you will earn 75% of your total sales.  Please go to the Volunteer page to learn more about volunteering and the types of jobs you can sign up for.

  • 1st Volunteer Shift:  Receive 5% more of your total sales (Earn 70% of total sales).
  • 2nd Volunteer Shift:  Receive an additional 5% (10% total increase) more of your total sales (Earn 75% of total sales).

Refer a Friend:

Refer a friend or family member to become a Seller and have your $10 Seller Fee reduced!
If you refer one (1) friend to become a Seller and he/she enters your name when registering to become a Seller, $5 will be deducted from your original $10 Seller Fee.
If you refer two (2) or more friends and the second friend enters your name when registering to become a Seller, another $5 ($10 total) will be deducted from your original $10 Seller Fee.

  • 1st Referral:  The Seller Fee is reduced to $5.
  • 2nd Referral:  The Seller Fee is reduced to $0 (ZERO).

NEW - We Tag 4 U!

This option is for Busy Mommies that want to cut the clutter, but need some help! This tagging service is only offered to a limited number of consignors. You must contact KidSmart to see if there is time and space available for your items.  If this service is available to you, KidSmart taggers will prepare (hang, iron, tape, & bag) your items.  We will price and tag your items to our best judgment. All items will be marked for discount on the last day of the consignment sale.   Following the consignment sale you will receive 30% of the total sales of your items after a $10.00 consigning fee is taken off.   ** If you are interested in this service, please email us at: WeTagKidSmart@gmail.com /  kidsmart.consign@gmail.com to see if there is time and space available.

We Tag 4 U - Service Contract